All State Info

Region Audition

Saturday, October 16 at Klein Collins High School

Pre-Area Audition

Tuesday, November 30 at TWHS

Area (State) Audition

Saturday, January 15 at TWHS

All-State Rehearsals are held in the Choir Room every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 245-345pm

All State District Audition Learning Plan:


Region Workshop – Sat Sept 25 – TWCP


All-State Audition Selections for September 18:

Mixed (All Voices)

  • Oh Perfect Love
  • The Chariot Jubilee (Measures 60-122 only)

Trebles (Sopranos & Altos)

  • Rise Up
  • Vier Gesange


  • Invictus
  • Adspice Dominae

Practice Tracks:

** Please do not look at any other pieces until AFTER the District Audition!