All State Info

What is the Texas All State Process?

The Texas All State Choirs are some of the most prestigious choirs in the nation. Each year, students have the opportunity to compete for a spot in one of these choirs. Students all over the state generally start learning music for this competition in the summer at one of the many All State Camps offered by State and Private Universities.

In Region 9, we have 3 rounds of auditions before the final round that determines placement in an All State Choir.

Who is Eligible to Audition: All choir students in grades 9 – 12 are eligible to audition. Chorale students are STRONGLY encouraged to participate.

District Audition

The first is the District audition. At this level 75 girls on each voice part (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2) and 50 boys on each voice part (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1, Bass 2) advance to the Region Audition.

Region Audition

The next audition is Region, where students not only advance, but earn a spot in the Region Choir. Chairs 1-20 advance to the Pre-Area audition and make the Region Mixed Choir, and girls placing 21-45 earn a spot in the Region Treble Choir. The Region Concert is usually held in late November.

Pre-Area Audition

At the Pre-Area audition, a sight reading element is added to the audition and counts for 20% of the overall score. Chairs 1-5 advance to the Area audition for each voice part.

Area Audition

The final audition is the Area audition, and this is the one that determines placement in an All State Choir. At this level, the top 5 from 4 regions compete for a spot. Chairs 1-4 make the All State Mixed Choir, men that place 5-8 make the All State Tenor-Bass Choir, and women that place 5-10 make the All State Treble Choir. All State Choir performances are held during the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in February in San Antonio.

2023-2024 School Year

Great Job to all Cavalier Choir Members who participated in District Auditions on September 16th!

Congratulations to the following Cavalier Choir Members who are advancing to the Region Choir Auditions!


  • Lily Woolf | Soprano 1
  • Ellie Yankee | Soprano 1
  • Layla Irvin | Soprano 1
  • Olivia Labonski | Soprano 1
  • Isabella Frieze | Soprano 1
  • Uma Warrier | Soprano 2
  • Julia (Jay) Rinehart | Soprano 2
  • Sara Gibbs | Soprano 2
  • Hayden Fife | Soprano 2


  • Juliet Bohn | Alto 1
  • Liana Gasque | Alto 1
  • Sanya Sinha | Alto 1
  • Juhee Cho | Alto 2
  • Handan Durak | Alto 2
  • Ashley McLemore | Alto 2
  • Tanushri Vijay | Alto 2


  • Sebastian Belloso | Tenor 1
  • Pranav Chunangad | Tenor 1
  • Caleb McKinney | Tenor 1
  • Hudson Vanloh | Tenor 2
  • Christian Bohn | Tenor 3


  • Jack O’Toole | Bass 1
  • Kelechi Wittike | Bass 1
  • Nelson Moya | Bass 2
  • Chet Schenck | Bass 2

For those selected for the Region Audition, it will be held Saturday, October 14, 2023 – Details to come.

2023-24 All State Music Audition Music


(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)


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(Coming Soon)

Music Recordings

Recordings will be available electronically- check your email and we will send out a link ASAP! You can start listening to someone sing your part and meditate to the piano accompaniment! (Only kidding – sort of)

A YouTube playlist is also available (there are actually quite a few – get your google on!), but here is the most extensive one I found: