Poinsettias & Greenery

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the efforts of the Cavalier Choir through the The Annual Choir Greenery & Poinsettia Sale. ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN IN LATE SEPT/EARLY OCTOBER 2022.

We anticipate the arrival of the gorgeous red, white & pink poinsettias, as well as the fresh greenery wreaths, during the first week of December. Once we have a confirmed delivery date, we will notify our students so that your family can plan your pick up and delivery of the live plants. Delivery to the STUDENT will be from the CP Greenhouse, located in the rear of the school, closest to Fellowship Drive rear entrance. We have a short window of time to distribute the orders, so plan accordingly. We will offer a daytime pickup (during school hours) and an evening pickup. We are unable to deliver your orders for you so please plan ahead.

Volunteers are always appreciated to help out with Order Collections & Product Distribution. Interested in Helping Out? We would love to have you onboard! Simply complete the Volunteer Form & email us at cavalierchoirboosters@gmail.com