UIL Dates

Please CLICK HERE for rehearsals as we prepare for UIL on April 19, 20, 21

Our Pre-UIL concert for parents and community is Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at the CP auditorium - 7:00 PM


Winter Concert Info

Rhythm ‘n’ Blue presents a pre-concert pasta dinner and show in the commons! Tickets available from any RnB member.  Dinner is at 6:00 with music beginning at 6:30

Concert is FREE and starts at 7 in the auditorium.  This is a required event for students in choir

Colla Voce, Bravados and Cantabile have rehearsal 2:45 - 3:45

Greenery must be picked up 3:45 - 6:30 or after the concert.



Military Salute

A few details about our exciting weekend coming up!

  • ·      For Colla Voce, Bel Canto, Bravados and Cantabile: Rehearsal after school on Friday 11/11 from 2:45 – 3:45.  Men will meet in the auditorium and will be move to the choir room at 3:15.  Women will meet in the choir room and move to the auditorium at 3:15.  Everyone will be released by 3:45.  This is a graded rehearsal
  • ·      PRE-SALE TICKETS are done on Wednesday 11/9.  Everyone should turn in any unsold tickets BY WEDNESDAY.  Any tickets not returned will be charged to the student.
  • ·      For students to be eligible for a letter jacket, they must sell 8 tickets for the Military Salute
  • ·      Tickets are available for purchase at the door. No more ticket transactions will happen at school after Wednesday, Nov. 13th.
  • ·      Students who did not pass all classes on the last REPORT CARD or the Progress report cannot sing.  They will still be present for a grade and have a job to do.  They know who they are and what they will be doing.  They do NOT need to attend the Friday rehearsal but will start working at 5:30 on Saturday
  • ·      Students who are singing in specialty acts will meet backstage at 3:30 on FRIDAY.
  • ·      Students singing in choir should be checked in with their choir representative at 5:45.  Students will be unable to leave the choir/orchestra rooms until 9:45.This is a graded event
    • o   Wear your formal uniform
    • o   You will not be allowed to run out to the parking lot to get items from parents – PLAN AHEAD!!! COMMUNICATE THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR GUESTS
    • o   After each show, students may greet audience members in the auditorium.  Then they must return to the choir / orchestra rooms by 7:15 for the next show.  They are not to be in the lobby or the main hallway
    • o   All students will be held to clean up after the concert.  Students will be released at 9:45. OFFICERS will stay until the work is done
    • o   Check in: Chorale in black box, and Colla Voce, Bravados and Cantabile in Orchestra room; Cantare and Bel Canto in Choir room
    • o   Students will not be able to watch the show while it is going on
    • o   Choir BIG SIBLINGS will need to bring a snack for their “Little”
    • o   Bathrooms are available in the black box and by the art rooms – NOT IN THE MAIN HALLWAY
    • o   Black box is only to be used for changing clothes

PRE-AREA Auditions

For the 18 of you advancing to the Pre-Area audition, you should be preparing:

  • Fecit (S/A)
  • Confirma (T/B)
  • The Heavens’ Flock (SATB)
  • Kyrie (SATB)

Also, you should get a copy of the Sightreading Book and start preparing for the SR portion of the audition.  We will be practicing on Tues and Thurs and will offer individual signups on Mondays.  Please come prepared for specific focus areas when you work with us individually.


Region Choir Results

Congratulations to the following students who have earned a place in the Region Choirs!

School_ID Advance
212837 Alternate Treble
219636 MIXED
219711 MIXED
210201 MIXED
418282 TREBLE
360498 TREBLE
223280 TREBLE
243142 MIXED
201014 MIXED
408601 TREBLE
219496 MIXED
181542 MIXED
192112 MIXED
193671 MIXED
201428 TREBLE
192352 MIXED
200411 TREBLE
192401 TREBLE
371714 MIXED
359345 TREBLE
410208 MIXED
241511 MIXED
357613 MIXED
362491 MIXED
385277 MIXED
192507 MIXED