July Booster Board Minutes



Cavalier Choir Booster Club

Board Meeting

July 12, 2018


Meeting called to order at 6:26 p.m.

Attendees:  Cassandra Rucky, Sondra Glaesmann, Kathleen Conrad, Giao Tran, Phong Nguyen, Kent Doerries, Sarah Young (Knox Jr. High)

The June 14, 2018 minutes were presented. Motion-G. Tran, Seconded-K. Doerries, the board approved the June 14, 2018 minutes.

No Directors Report

Presidents Report:

According to By-Laws, no officer shall serve the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms without special approval by the Executive Board. This being K. Conrad’s third year as Secretary, it was requested of the Board to approve the third term for K. Conrad.  Motion-G. Tran; Seconded-S. Young, the board approved the third term for K. Conrad.

Orientation –August 2 for Juniors and Seniors. August 3 for Freshmen and Sophomores and August 6 for Open Orientation.  Will have Choir Booster Board members and student volunteers to help with filling out forms. C. Rucky will have the tables set up in the commons for those paying Commitment Fees and ordering required Choir Shirt.  Will also have Parent Contact Information forms for parent volunteers to complete online.  G. Tran and P. Nguyen will donate 50 gift bags for the goody bags to be handed out to the first 25 people who pay their Commitment Fee each day.  Thank you for this generous donation.

C. Rucky reviewed the Choir Calendar.  This will be ongoing and updated as needed and help keep up with upcoming events.  A list of Committees was reviewed.  A timeframe change for the formation of the Nominating Committee will be changed to February/March.

Spirit wear items to keep – hoodie, sweatpants, blanket.   All spirit wear items will be sold online only.  C. Rucky is preparing a list of possible new items to add.  Student officers will help with the packaging and distribution of merchandise.


C. Rucky would like to pursue the Sponsorship Program again, offering acknowledgement to monetary and in-kind donations at concerts, in programs, and in newsletter.


Treasurer’s Report:  Current bank balance $4300.


First Vice President:  G. Tran prepared the Parent Volunteer Information that is to be filled out online. She will add Committees to the list and add the link for the required form for Volunteering in CISD.  This format will help keep track of volunteers, their contact information and interests.


Other Business:

Knox Jr. High - Sarah Young, Choir Director at Knox Jr. High asked how the Cavalier Choir Boosters could be of help to Knox Choir.  They no longer have a Booster Club and would like to have our support; in turn they can help with selling tickets for Military Salute and sales for our annual Greenery Fundraiser.  The Choir Booster Treasurer will contact CISD offices and CP Football Boosters to establish how this arrangement can be implemented.    We will get back to S. Young by July 27th so she can have her paperwork completed for Jr. High orientation.

C. Rucky suggested that we agree to their offer of helping with our Greenery Fundraiser and Military Salute ticket sales and also our help selling concessions at Region Auditions at the Jr. High on April 6.   Motion-K Conrad; Seconded-G. Tran.  All approved.

Scrip Gift Card Program – K. Conrad briefly talked about the Scrip program.  This program can be ongoing and can be set up to where no money is collected by the Choir Boosters, but a rebate check is sent to the Booster Club, similar to the way the Amazon Smile program and Kroger Plus is set up.  Would like to have this program implemented by the Parent Meeting in September. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectively submitted,


Kathleen Conrad, Secretary


Choir Informal Polo Uniforms

Please see below to pay for Cavalier Choir’s required informal Polo uniform.  Please select size, type in student name and then press Buy Now button to proceed with purchase.  Please note convinence fee has been automaticaly added to total.

Due date for purchase is September 7th!


Student Name


Choir Committee Chairs

Please follow below link to volunteer to assist the Cavalier Choir!  Below are the committee chairs we are looking to fill.

Uniforms/Alterations – beginning of school year, organize measuring students for uniforms, checkout, return, cleaning and making or obtaining alterations.  Usually 2 or 3 parent volunteers needed during the school day.

Sponsorships – assist in getting sponsorships and donations as needed.  Businesses acknowledged in newsletters and concert brochures.

Merchandise – Coordinate with choir student council to bag orders and hand out on set date, collecting signatures confirming pick up.

Greenery Fundraiser – Starts in October, helps preparing brochures for items to be sold.  Students sell greenery and return forms with money by established deadline.  Money is counted and orders are submitted.  Coordinate with other volunteers to help with collection of forms and distribution of greenery.  Work closely with nursery on date of delivery.

Hospitality – help with food for judges, clinicians, etc. when needed.  Get menus (Panera, etc) and get selection from judges in the morning.  Call in the menu items and pick up in time for judges lunch or have volunteers prepare casseroles and/or salads for judges’ meals.  Have goodie bags for judges to snack in rooms (water, crackers, cookies, candy bar, soda).

Liaison – RnB – update information and needs of the show choir.

Military Salute – President and 1st VP oversees, requires chair and/or co-chairs.  Volunteers to help set up, take down and obtain food donations from local businesses.  Coordinate catering for both dinners.  Request for donations start late September/early October.  Students are very hands-on for this event.  They help with hanging banners and posters, and taking down at the end of the concert.  A poster is created and distributed.  Tickets are printed.  Usually find a sponsor to print both tickets and posters. All hands on deck for this production.

Spirit – assist with parties (lock-ins), obtain volunteers to help out for a few hours at a time.

Concessions – Committee Chair/Co-Chair to help with workshops, auditions, etc.  Set up and clean up.   Communication with Choir Directors, Booster President and Treasurer on what will be sold, pricing and volunteers.

Nominating Committee – In March committee is formed to obtain list of parents who are interested in serving on the Choir Booster Board. Must follow guidelines on time frame for nominations and making final decision.

Scholarships – during the beginning of second semester a committee is formed with non-Senior parents.  Set deadlines for submitting scholarships, review the scholarship applications and make decision for scholarships to be awarded to seniors at the end of year banquet.  Advise Treasurer, choir director and school board of decision.

Travel – assist with logistics and meals for UIL travel and trips.  Obtain chaperones to ride on busses with students.

Banquet – Committee Chair oversees the work of the student officers.  Assist with selecting a theme, obtaining flyers and tickets, collecting money, book venue, catering and desert.  Chair will work with students to keep within budgeted amount for decorations and prizes.

Storage Facilities – Maintain offsite facility; maintain inventory.  Choir Storage Chair/RnB Storage Chair.


2018-19 Choir Commitment Fee

Please see below to pay the 2018-2019 school year Choir Commitment Fee.  Please type in student’s name and press Buy Now to proceed.  Please note convinence fee has been automatically added to total amount.

Thank you and we look forward to an amazing year!


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