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2019-2020 Cavalier Choir Boosters Board Nominations

We are looking for those parents/legal guardians who want to be more involved in the Choir Boosters by serving on the 2019-2020 board.  Below are breif descriptions of the offices and what they ential.  Those interested in being considered should email CavalierChoirBoosters@gmail.com and advise which position they are pursuing.  Should we have multiple nominations for the same office, a committee will select the person to hold the office.  THank you for all your support and we are looking forward to the next school year!


President - Presides over board and general meetings, coordinate the work of the officers and committees in promotion of the purposes of the Cavalier Choir Boosters, signs all contracts approved by the board, review documentation and signs all reimbursement/disbursement vouchers.

Vice President I - Is direct aid to the president and may assume temporary role of the president when necessary. The vice president assists in organizing fundraisers and various events during the year, working closely with VP II on volunteers for these events.

Vice President II - Responsible for assisting Vice President I; organize volunteer list with contact and other pertinent information, ensures each volunteer is cleared by CISD, and works with VP I to enlist volunteers for the fundraisers and events.  Works to elect chairs of committees noted below.

Treasurer - Is the authorized custodian of the funds of the Cavalier Choir Boosters, receives and distributes all funds held by the organization. Responsibilities include issuing receipts for all monies received, present a financial report at general meetings, confirm and record bank account activity within separate accounting system, keeps accurate records, reimburses committee chairs for expenses as necessary with proper documents, handles filing of 1090 as needed as well as taxes for the school year, compiles annual report at fiscal year end, turns over records to new incoming officers for following year.

Secretary - Responsible for keeping accurate records of all TWCP Choir board and general meetings and maintain minutes record book, issues monthly newsletter called Tuned In, updates website and assists as needed to VP’s and President.  The secretary provides copies of minutes for approval at each meeting and keeps attendance.

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