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July Booster Board Minutes



Cavalier Choir Booster Club

Board Meeting

July 12, 2018


Meeting called to order at 6:26 p.m.

Attendees:  Cassandra Rucky, Sondra Glaesmann, Kathleen Conrad, Giao Tran, Phong Nguyen, Kent Doerries, Sarah Young (Knox Jr. High)

The June 14, 2018 minutes were presented. Motion-G. Tran, Seconded-K. Doerries, the board approved the June 14, 2018 minutes.

No Directors Report

Presidents Report:

According to By-Laws, no officer shall serve the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms without special approval by the Executive Board. This being K. Conrad’s third year as Secretary, it was requested of the Board to approve the third term for K. Conrad.  Motion-G. Tran; Seconded-S. Young, the board approved the third term for K. Conrad.

Orientation –August 2 for Juniors and Seniors. August 3 for Freshmen and Sophomores and August 6 for Open Orientation.  Will have Choir Booster Board members and student volunteers to help with filling out forms. C. Rucky will have the tables set up in the commons for those paying Commitment Fees and ordering required Choir Shirt.  Will also have Parent Contact Information forms for parent volunteers to complete online.  G. Tran and P. Nguyen will donate 50 gift bags for the goody bags to be handed out to the first 25 people who pay their Commitment Fee each day.  Thank you for this generous donation.

C. Rucky reviewed the Choir Calendar.  This will be ongoing and updated as needed and help keep up with upcoming events.  A list of Committees was reviewed.  A timeframe change for the formation of the Nominating Committee will be changed to February/March.

Spirit wear items to keep – hoodie, sweatpants, blanket.   All spirit wear items will be sold online only.  C. Rucky is preparing a list of possible new items to add.  Student officers will help with the packaging and distribution of merchandise.


C. Rucky would like to pursue the Sponsorship Program again, offering acknowledgement to monetary and in-kind donations at concerts, in programs, and in newsletter.


Treasurer’s Report:  Current bank balance $4300.


First Vice President:  G. Tran prepared the Parent Volunteer Information that is to be filled out online. She will add Committees to the list and add the link for the required form for Volunteering in CISD.  This format will help keep track of volunteers, their contact information and interests.


Other Business:

Knox Jr. High - Sarah Young, Choir Director at Knox Jr. High asked how the Cavalier Choir Boosters could be of help to Knox Choir.  They no longer have a Booster Club and would like to have our support; in turn they can help with selling tickets for Military Salute and sales for our annual Greenery Fundraiser.  The Choir Booster Treasurer will contact CISD offices and CP Football Boosters to establish how this arrangement can be implemented.    We will get back to S. Young by July 27th so she can have her paperwork completed for Jr. High orientation.

C. Rucky suggested that we agree to their offer of helping with our Greenery Fundraiser and Military Salute ticket sales and also our help selling concessions at Region Auditions at the Jr. High on April 6.   Motion-K Conrad; Seconded-G. Tran.  All approved.

Scrip Gift Card Program – K. Conrad briefly talked about the Scrip program.  This program can be ongoing and can be set up to where no money is collected by the Choir Boosters, but a rebate check is sent to the Booster Club, similar to the way the Amazon Smile program and Kroger Plus is set up.  Would like to have this program implemented by the Parent Meeting in September. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectively submitted,


Kathleen Conrad, Secretary

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