All Forms Are Past Due

This is a friendly reminder that all forms & fees are now past due.  If your student is missing any of these forms, you may find them in our downloads section.  Please print them and get them to us immediately.  Thanks!



This is a copy of a recent email we sent to all the choir parents.  If you did not receive this in your email, we may have your information incorrectly entered in our mail program.  Please let us know if you did not receive this email and we can verify our information.

Thank you to the many parent volunteers who are willing to dedicate time to our choir program. If you are still interested in volunteer opportunities, please email Cat Cunningham at We still have several chair positions that need to be filled, especially in public relations and communication. Our kids do such great work, let’s share with the community all the great things happening with the College Park Choir.

We are also in need of some parents to help do some hand-sewing and some remaining uniform fittings.  If you would be available during the day to help us with this, please email Erin Norvelle at

Please do not forget, choir fees are not optional.  The fees are $115 for new students and $75 for returning students.  This is your fee for the entire year of participation.  These fees are past due.

If you need the form, you can find it in the downloads section at  You can break the payments down into a smaller amount.  If you are following an alternate payment plan and have not contacted one of us, please email me at to let us know your plan.

Our first concert is Monday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m. in our auditorium. This is a required event for your student.  Please help them plan accordingly so there are no schedule conflicts, as this is a graded event.  Also, please make sure you are planning to attend. We will be joined by the state-recognized Knox Choir and it will be a wonderful evening of music. Invite a friend. Your kids are working hard and they deserve a great audience.


District Choir Information:

There is a District Choir Workshop at the TWHS 9th Grade Campus this Saturday, September 11. Registration opens at 8:30. If your student pre-registered, please make sure you have paid your $25 to the Cavalier Choir Boosters before Friday. It is not too late to attend. Your child can register at the door for $30. This is a great help in preparing students for the audition.

The district choir audition is Saturday, September 25 at Klein Collins High School. Registration ends this Friday, so please make sure your student has filled out the paperwork.


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