Camp Baby Blue is going well!

Even our staff is pumped up!


 Join us for our concert on Friday, July 1st at noon in the CPHS auditorium.  

The campers have been working hard and are going to put on an awesome show!


Congratulations Class of 2011!

Cavalier Choir Seniors

Not pictured: Elena Bailes, Tabitha Donohue, Chris Grijalva, Sam Hanks, Robert Landis, Sydney Lowrey, Nikki Montgomery, Erin Swink  


Camp Baby Blue Registration - LIVE!

Information about Camp Baby Blue is now posted and can be found here.  We hope you can join us this year for a week of fun singing, dancing, and making new friends!


Calendar Issues

Due to a change in the way calendars are synchronized in our office, all calendar functionality was offline for about a week.  I think I have fixed the issue, but everyone will have to re-subscribe to the calendars (all subscription URLs are new - your old ones will no longer work).

Please let me know (leave a comment or shoot me an email) if you are still experiencing issues and I’ll investigate.  Thanks for your patience.


Summer Voice Lessons

Many of our teachers (we are adding some to our staff) are starting to enroll for summer lessons.  Please make contact with these folks and get started on improving your voice this summer when school is not bringing additional stress to your life:

All of these ladies will transfer summer students to their studios next year, so be the first to enroll!

Remember: Taking 2 semesters of voice lessons is on the road to lettering in choir!