Welcome Back!

Please take some time to get familiar with our website!  We will give you some more practice as they year gets going, but for now, check out the Handbook and the Calendar (you can link to this calendar electronically or print it by week, month, or as a list of dates in agenda view!

Students will need to return the Handbook receipt form (print the last page of handbook and sign) and the assigned supply by Monday, August 29th.

Also, Travel Cards (handed out in class on 8/24) and Web Assignment (handed out in class on 8/26) will be due on Wednesday, August 31.


District Learning Schedule and Sectionals

Please click here for a schedule of learning to help you prepare and quick links to recordings of the music.

This Week

  • Monday, Aug. 29 - Sopranos
  • Tuesday, Aug. 30 - Altos
  • Thursday, Sep. 1- Men
  • Friday, Sep. 2 - Anyone

Three Weeks from Audition

  • Monday, Sep. 5 - Tenors
  • Tuesday, Sep. 6 - Bass
  • Thursday, Sep. 8- Women
  • Friday, Sep. 9 - Anyone

Two Weeks from Audition

  • Monday, Sep. 12 - Altos
  • Tuesday, Sep. 13 - Men
  • Thursday, Sep. 15- Sopranos
  • Friday, Sep. 16 - Anyone

Audition Week

  • Sign up for individual times to work OR
  • Sing on Charms and get feedback from Ms. Norvelle - must be recorded by 9/16

This week in choir!

Come in to be fitted for your uniform during your orientation!

  • Aug 4,5, & 8 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Bring your SHOES - any black, closed-toe, dress-shoe that is comfortable will work!
  • Bring your fees and you can take your uniform home! Click here for the form

C.I.S.D. All-State Workshop

  • At The Woodlands HS Senior Campus on Research Forest HS
  • 9-11 a.m., lunch on your own (you can leave campus), 1-3 p.m.
  • It is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come when you can (if you can only come for part of a day or one day, it is OK!)
  • Bring your music and a pencil
  • Get a CD from me at the workshop
  • Pick up your music BEFORE camp at the CP front office any time

Get signed up for VOICE LESSONS! Click here for more info!

THE CALENDAR has been updated! Sync it to your electronic calendar or print one up for your copy to start planning!


Camp Baby Blue is going well!

Even our staff is pumped up!


 Join us for our concert on Friday, July 1st at noon in the CPHS auditorium.  

The campers have been working hard and are going to put on an awesome show!


Congratulations Class of 2011!

Cavalier Choir Seniors

Not pictured: Elena Bailes, Tabitha Donohue, Chris Grijalva, Sam Hanks, Robert Landis, Sydney Lowrey, Nikki Montgomery, Erin Swink