Thank YOU!

For every donation and every volunteer - student and parent - thank you for working so hard to make the District Audition such a success!


Link to Charms

Click here to connect to our Charms website or type into your browser. Log-in using the parent/student link and the information provided to you in the Charms letter.  From there you can view your fees, uniforms, library items, calendar and much more helpful information. Please check to make sure all contact information for students and parents is current.


Parent Meeting- FRIDAY, September 9

Please plan to attend our parent meeting on Friday, September 9, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium

Students will receive a grade for this event - each family needs to have one representative (at least) in attendance.  We prefer the parents attend, but if that is not possible, the student or another adult can attend. Click here for the student fees form and for volunteer opportunities.  You can fill this out ahead of time and bring it to the meeting to use time more effeciently.  If you have questions, they will probably be answered in the meeting.

We will discuss Booster Club, student fees, calendars, and announce the trip!

The following day, we will have our family picinic from 5-9 p.m. at Northshore Park.  Bring a sack lunch and get ready to meet new people and have a great time!


Welcome Back!

Please take some time to get familiar with our website!  We will give you some more practice as they year gets going, but for now, check out the Handbook and the Calendar (you can link to this calendar electronically or print it by week, month, or as a list of dates in agenda view!

Students will need to return the Handbook receipt form (print the last page of handbook and sign) and the assigned supply by Monday, August 29th.

Also, Travel Cards (handed out in class on 8/24) and Web Assignment (handed out in class on 8/26) will be due on Wednesday, August 31.


District Learning Schedule and Sectionals

Please click here for a schedule of learning to help you prepare and quick links to recordings of the music.

This Week

  • Monday, Aug. 29 - Sopranos
  • Tuesday, Aug. 30 - Altos
  • Thursday, Sep. 1- Men
  • Friday, Sep. 2 - Anyone

Three Weeks from Audition

  • Monday, Sep. 5 - Tenors
  • Tuesday, Sep. 6 - Bass
  • Thursday, Sep. 8- Women
  • Friday, Sep. 9 - Anyone

Two Weeks from Audition

  • Monday, Sep. 12 - Altos
  • Tuesday, Sep. 13 - Men
  • Thursday, Sep. 15- Sopranos
  • Friday, Sep. 16 - Anyone

Audition Week

  • Sign up for individual times to work OR
  • Sing on Charms and get feedback from Ms. Norvelle - must be recorded by 9/16