Military Salute

Please start spreading the word and selling tickets for our Military Salute on November 11.  We will have two shows this year at 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. with a reception between the two.  Please click here to see the poster and put a few up if you get the chance.


Kroger Cards

For questions regarding Kroger Cards, please email Beth Grijalva at: dcgrijalva@sbcglobal.net

As of October 3rd, we have issued 83 Kroger gift cards for Cavalier Choir Boosters.  This morning, I received our first statement and we will soon be receiving our first check for $262.66!  We got going and are getting money back less than a month from our beginning on this program.  That great!  We had some families earn as much as $30 towards choir fees in less than a month.  For a returning choir student, that’s more than a quarter of their fees in less than a month.  Way to go!      

The not so good news is that only 24 of 83 cards have been used.  That means a lot of folks missed a month of earning money towards their choir fees, even with homecoming mums and corsages, etc.  October means it’s time to buy pumpkins, gourds,  trick or treat candy and get flu shots.  Kroger has those.  Tailgating, football watching, World Series party, college care packages and R&B survival treats for the coming week —- yep, Kroger’s gotcha covered.  Pick up a Starbucks on the way and fuel yourself as well as the car on your way to work — you get the idea.   This Kroger gift card program is the easiest fundraising you can have working for you, but you do have to use your card to join the moneymakers.  Let’s make it a goal to get every card in use before the end of this month.  Don’t you wanna be a moneymaker too?  

Finally, please try to load your card in at least even ten dollar amounts! This really simplifies accounting and in the end give YOU more money to apply to your account!

Thanks to the many of you who have already taken advantage of this amazing opportunity!


Thank YOU!

For every donation and every volunteer - student and parent - thank you for working so hard to make the District Audition such a success!


Link to Charms

Click here to connect to our Charms website or type http://www.charmsoffice.com into your browser. Log-in using the parent/student link and the information provided to you in the Charms letter.  From there you can view your fees, uniforms, library items, calendar and much more helpful information. Please check to make sure all contact information for students and parents is current.


Parent Meeting- FRIDAY, September 9

Please plan to attend our parent meeting on Friday, September 9, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium

Students will receive a grade for this event - each family needs to have one representative (at least) in attendance.  We prefer the parents attend, but if that is not possible, the student or another adult can attend. Click here for the student fees form and for volunteer opportunities.  You can fill this out ahead of time and bring it to the meeting to use time more effeciently.  If you have questions, they will probably be answered in the meeting.

We will discuss Booster Club, student fees, calendars, and announce the trip!

The following day, we will have our family picinic from 5-9 p.m. at Northshore Park.  Bring a sack lunch and get ready to meet new people and have a great time!