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Commitment Payment Plan Due

If you are doing a payment plan for your Choir Commitment then your second payment of $35.00 was due Friday, October 25, 2013. Please put your payment in an envelope in the black box by the Director’s office and include your student’s name.

The next payment is due on November 22, 2013 for $30.00. Thank you!


Greenery Fundraiser - Price Clarifications and photo of new items

Fundraiser packets were given to all choir students.  Please check out Downloads on the left sidebar, and scroll down to view the New Products 2013.


Region Choir Workshop Oct. 19, 2013 9 am - 2 pm

This workshop is for singers who qualified for District Choir and will be advancing to Region Choir auditions November 2, 2013. Registration fee of $25 covers clinic and lunch. Those who register and mail payment by October 15th may chose pizza or Chick-fil-A sandwich lunch. After that date, lunch choice will be determined by availability on the date of the workshop.


Students may register at the workshop. Payment may be brought to the workshop. Checks should be made payable to Cavalier Choir Boosters.

When arriving for the workshop, please come to the auditorium entrance at the west (right) end of the school. Send any questions to


Required Polo

If you did not order your required Choir Polo Uniform fill out the form below and return it with your payment. The delivery time for your custom made shirt is 2-3 weeks.

Late Choir Polo Order Form


Congratulations to the following Cavaliers moving on to Region Choir Auditions!

Soprano 1       Soprano 2
Ivy Taylor         Jheri Richards
Caroline Booth       Makenzie Higdon
Arianna Bauersfeld       Lily Taylor  
Cara Ellison       Danielle Heebner
Naomi Hardwick       Alexandra Hird
Winter Bourdier          
Rachel Bradfute          
Catherine Castagna          
Alto 1         Alto 2  
Melina Diaz       Betsy Jarvis
Kristen Bohnet       Hannah Will
Leah Caron       Hadley Jeffers
Yasemin Elrabaa       Alayna Mathes
          Mary Hurstell
          Emily Squier
          Laurie Kendall
          Samantha Taylor
Tenor 1         Tenor 2  
Austin Rabon       Collin Tucker
Jack Schoepf       Hayden Rudolph
Alan Boudreaux          
Connor Loomis-Price          
Matthew Makel          
Bass 1         Bass 2  
Parker Rudolph       Michael Grijalva
Noah Schweser       Emanuel Lopez
Donovan DeHoog       Reed Richter
          Juan Morles Diaz
          Chad Butler-Ervin
          Michael Moore