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District Results

Congratulations to the following students who will be auditioning for Region on Oct. 21:

Abigail Acompañado Soprano 2
Ethan Armstrong Tenor 2
Veronica Attar Alto 2
Anna Claire Bartlett Soprano 2
Nicole Campos Soprano 2
Erik Castrellon Tenor 2
Adithya Chunangad Tenor 2
Rachel Conrad Soprano 1
Elijah Contreras Bass 1
Carmen Corigliano Alto 2
Trenton Dees Bass 2
Tess English Alto 1
Niya Gaddam Soprano 2
Riley Glaesmann Alto 2
Taylor Grove Soprano 1
Aubrey Haltom Soprano 1
Jimmy Harvin Tenor 1
Bethany He Alto 1
Jacob Holloway Tenor 2
Aubrey Hyder Alto 2
Taylor Jeffers Alto 2
Ian Krayer Bass 1
Christopher Kulis Bass 1
Clayton Law Bass 2
Henry Liu Bass 1
Jacob Mansfield Bass2
Anthony Mireles Tenor 2
Grace Munger Soprano 2
Chris Nieman Bass 2
Aranza Perret Alto 1
Cameron Purcell Bass 1
Amanda Randall Soprano 2
Brooks Seals Bass 1
Aubrey Seulean Alto 2
Abby Verzwyvelt Alto 2
Anna Wertz Alto 2



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